Winter in the Studio

This morning’s view out the studio windows:

A studio companion, handmade from felted woolen sweaters:

If you are in the vicinity of Columbia County, NY, and wish to visit my studio, email to set up an appointment.

4 thoughts on “Winter in the Studio

  1. I love this little guy. Reminds me of a toy I made for my son years ago. Are those just circles of the felted sweaters? Or did you sew them in on themselves. Very, very cute. And I’d love to come visit your studio. Someday. It would be wonderful to meet you in person. The B&W pictures are ethereal, and I hope you keep them coming. We’re having a rainy day, so you know I’m happy. Thanks for the fun post. Patsye

    • Patsye,
      The doll is made from circles of felted sweaters, no turning in necessary. I’ve done it before with cotton circles, which do need to be turned in, very labor-intensive. The doll I had as a child was made that way, from cotton circles.
      You are in the rain. : )
      Though it’s bright and sunny here, we are expecting a winter snow / ice storm here tomorrow.
      Wishing you a productive day!

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