Books made of pockets!

My studio is in major disarray from my years “away.” In the process of re-organizing it I’ve been discovering work that I did in the past. Today it’s these tiny books made of pockets. In these two small handmade books, each page is a pocket containing a tag. Each decorative tag has space for your writing.

On the left is a book made of maps of Columbia County, NY, and photos from Chatham, NY.  There is a metal compass ornament on the front, and a tiny metal clocktower hangs near the top of the spine.  Each pocket features different towns and villages in the County.  Colorful glass beads decorate the cord that fastens the book shut. The book on the right has a floral motif, and is fastened with a ribbon and vintage button. The Columbia County book has twelve pockets and is 4.5″ X 3.25″ x .5″.The floral book has seven pockets and is 4.75 x 3.25 x .75″.

Two handmade books of pockets, and a handmade box.

Two handmade books of pockets, and a handmade box.

Below is the book with map pockets,

Columbia County book of pockets.

Columbia County book of pockets.

And here is the floral book of pockets.

Floral-themed book of pockets.

Floral-themed book of pockets.

More “finds” to follow.


Creativity Journal

Wherever your journey takes you – into creativity, afar, or within – this pocket-sized book stands ready to receive your ideas, plans, and reflections. Its pages are colorfully equipped with interior pockets, envelopes, tags, and other surprises. 4″ x 6″, 10.5cm x 15 cm, 15 pages (30 sides), one-of-a-kind, handmade. A unique gift.

"Journey" small journal cover, tilted

Journey Metal Label, Book OnePages 10-11, Book One

This handmade book will be available at Summerfest in Chatham on July 9th, if it’s not sold before then. Interested? Contact  kjh at (replace the “at” with a “@” symbol.) Note: this book has been sold and is no longer available.


The Grandmothers!

Doors, The GrandmothersMy previous post included a photo of the cover of one of my altered books. The pages above are from that book.

Grandmothers! I am rich in grandmothers, as are we all. In the photo above, the baby is my Grandmother; her mother, my Great-Grandmother, is standing; the woman holding my Grandma is my Great-Great-Grandmother, and the impressive woman seated on the right is my Great-Great-Great Grandmother. The only one I ever knew personally was my Grandmother (the baby.) She was a fiery red-head, full of energy and fun. She graduated from Vassar back in the day, and was courted by my Grandfather, who was a student at Harvard. Quite a match!

These strong women were the living “doorways” to my life, so I included them on the free front end-paper of my book.

Doors altered book, front coverVisit again for more altered book adventures!

Holiday Craft (and more) Sale ~ Dec.7, 2014, 11 am to 4 pm

From the press release:

A holiday craft and more sale is to be held on Sunday, December 7th, 11-4pm, at the Stumph home, 304 Bushnell Road in Chatham. A variety of talented artisans will display and sell their works at this event. Included in this event are Katharine Houk, Susan Swantek, Kathy Stumph, Lisa Noonan, and Sasha Langley.

I have been working on an Apothecary, Terrariums, and hand-made Ornaments. Here are some examples:



Terrarium, deer, 2014Terrarium 2014

Ornaments in boxThese items will be at the sale, in addition to many hand-mades from my studio, some half-price. There will be clothing, jewelry, and surprises. Plus goodies to eat! Please stop by!

Sewing Box and Fairy House.

It has been a while since I last posted here. My creative energy has been focused on small things, using materials close at hand. No more large -scale projects for now.

This is the sewing box I made for my daughter:

Sewing Box Front


Sewing box left side


Sewing Box Em & Mirror


Sewing box drawer, blinged retro pattern

There are more sewing box photos on my website



Another small project was created for my granddaughters: A Fairy House. I gathered pine cones, dried rhododendron leaves, bark from downed birch branches, stones, and more.  The doors are part of a wood napkin holder. I hand colored windows with alcohol inks. The house is illuminated indoors with tiny lights.

Fairy House photos © copyright 2014 Deirdre Malfatto Photography

Fairy House, D2. Out back

Fairy house, angle close-up, D8, porchFairy house side windows, D, 3

The Sanctuary Art Gallery in the Canaan Congregational Church welcomes the public to its opening and reception for the 13 artists exhibiting their works in the invitational show Frames of Reference, on Saturday, July 26, at 1 p.m. Admission is free, and light refreshments will be served.
Free and open to the public.

This Fairy House will be displayed on July 26th, but it may be there longer, depending on my granddaughters! Deirdre Malfatto’s professional photograph of the house will remain on display throughout the show. I do not yet know which photo Deidre has chosen for the show; I’m eager to see it! Please attend!



Moss terrarium play

This terrarium was created in a small 3″ by 3″ by 3″ glass cube. It has a glass lid, and at one time it housed a candle.3 x 3 x 3 terarrium.1410

The people in the above terrarium are very tiny, at bout 1 1/8 inches tall. I tried it with some larger figures, but they seemed too big –  at their height of 1 and 1/2 inches. See below.

Terrarium 3x3x3.1404

1 and 1/2 inch people.

Terrarium with 1 1/2 inch people.

Terrarium with 1 1/2 inch people.

More little things

First, a cuff made of lambswool from a felted Gap sweater, hand-embroidered with wool. The giraffe button is a Kazuri bead, a fair trade item made in Africa.

cuff, lambswool giraffe bead.1386

Cuff, lambswool, giraffe bead.2.1397

Another cuff, made from a man’s silk tie, trimmed with silk from recycled saris, embellished with ribbon and a Kazuri ceramic elephant bead.

Cuff, silk woth elephant.1399

Cuff, silk, elephant, detail.1400More about Kazuri beads can be found at