Gone is Gone

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog, so here is a brief update. I am no longer designing and creating vestments or wearable art, and I have not recently displayed or sold my work. This has been largely because I have stepped back from many parts of my life as I explore how living has changed for me after my transplant and the complications which followed it.

Since my surgeries, we also moved house, and I am still getting my studio organized because the kitchen, living areas, and home repairs took priority after the move. Unpacking and sorting my supplies, I have come across unfinished projects which I cannot resist working on. I also find supplies I had collected for specific purposes, and that leads to more distraction from the organizational task at hand, as I find myself beginning new projects.

We are living through unsettling times. I am grateful to be well during the pandemic, especially since I am in a high risk group. The drugs which necessarily suppress my immune system make it hard for me to fight off infection. Long before citizens were asked to isolate themselves, I was used to avoiding crowds. Being at home also suits the introspective part of my nature.

Sequestering myself during this pandemic is providing me a sabbatical of sorts:  space to think, rest, and create. Of course there are worries and anxiety, but I have to let them go ~ through reading, writing, going for walks outdoors, being in touch with family and friends via emails, texts and video chats. Soon I will be able to work in my gardens. Another important way I remain sane, stay in touch with myself, and feel productive is to work in my studio. There are stories which must be told.

The past couple of days I have been working on an altered book which I began before the move. The photo below is from a section of the book entitled “Shadows of the Past,” and this particular spread is called “Gone is Gone.” The book has many tucked-away places for writing, and envelopes for enclosing small objects.

Book of Shadows, "Gone is Gone"

There are empty pages in the book waiting for images and interactive fun, and I am bursting with ideas. Now I have the time to work on it.

Here’s hoping we all remain healthy, and create ways to find some peace and balance in our lives.


4 thoughts on “Gone is Gone

  1. I am spending my time alone searching for reason. As an ICU nurse, my heart is bleeding for my sisters who can not go home to their families, and instead are risking their lives to save others. I think about this constantly and wonder if they would take a 72 year old RN back. I still have an active license.

    I, too, am making books. But none as beautiful as what you have posted here. I wish I could see it all. You have always been talented, and I am glad you are still on this earth Katharine. I know it has been a struggle for you, but I have always thought you have more than one purpose.

    I am watching Outlander, on a pay channel, and it is the first time I have done anything like this. I ordinarily hate TV, but someone suggested it and after one viewing I am hooked. I have though of you often since I started because of the costumes…those beautiful wool capes and highly embroidered everything.

    Post more. Share more of your talents. Stay well. Patsye

    • So, so wonderful to hear from you, Patsye. How things have changed since we last communicated! I continue to do well, no illness. Today I worked in my garden; which was lovely; if this sunny Spring weather holds, I’ll be out there again tomorrow. I planted peas. Indoors, I continue to try to organize my studio. Outlander? I have not seen it, but maybe on your recommendation I’ll take a look. I watched Unorthodox recently and really liked it. You ask me to post more; maybe I will! Take good care of yourself.

  2. Hi Kathy!
    So pleased to find you. We met in Canton when my brother-in-law was attending ATI. He (now deceased) & my sister were/are good friends with Carter.
    Sorry to read about your health issues. How are you?
    I am so impressed with your art. You continue to be very talented. Do you still play guitar?
    We live in Dallas. Taught school for 1 year, then started our business.
    Please delete if I posted in the wrong place.

    • Mary Lyn! Thanks for getting in touch! I missed your comment until just now, sorry. I am doing well, and so is Carter. I do have a guitar and still play it once in a while, usually when a group of friends are playing and I join in. With COVID, my playing has fallen off. But I am busy with other creative activities. So is Jingles.com your business?

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