4 thoughts on “You never know when you might need it…

  1. I LOVE photos like this. Isn’t it fun to find the beauty in the chaos of crafting? It looks like you’re more organized than I am. I have the containers and labels but then still have piles of junk that need to be put away. I never have enough time.
    I have a friend in Utah that collects old cancelled stamps. That’s such a good idea because the art is always so great, and historic.

    • Thanks, Patsye. Because my space is limited, I try to be organized. The operative word is “try.” 🙂
      And I’ve collected stamps off and on since I was a teen. Let me know if you need any stamps . . .

  2. This is so coincidental. I bought a small box of stamps at a yard sale today. Not new ones, and not antiques, but just used, cancelled stamps from just about everywhere. They’re also not in great shape, but will be perfect for my art. Thank you for that very nice offer. I think I’m set for with stamps for awhile. I spent this evening cutting up old file folders and rubber stamping images on them for tags for my new booth (shooth) that will open in April. So much work. Oh, and I just noticed the cards on that last photo above are button cards. So beautiful.

    • So how is it going in the new booth? I’m impressed that you have decided to set up shop that way. Do you also have an Etsy shop?
      I spent the afternoon creating a birthday card for a friend – it’s amazing how time-consuming it can be.
      Let me know if you run short of stamps.

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