Dolls from a vintage pattern

Over the holidays, I worked (as time allowed) on dolls for my granddaughters.

Much of the sewing was done by hand, which meant I could do it from bed. In addition to the clothing you see here, I created miniature sweaters for these two from re-purposed felted lambswool and cashmere sweaters.

The package is still on its way to them, a bit late.

Now I can return to my beloved banner project.

1 thought on “Dolls from a vintage pattern

  1. I am SO glad you are creating. And these doll patterns, or some like them, fill the boxes in my closet. I have so many doll patterns. I’ve never posted any of what I’ve made, but I should. There is one in particular that is constructed of my son’s clothes; clothes I couldn’t throw away even after he left for college and told me to toss them. A shirt in particular, that became the shirt of the pumpkin doll, is ever present in so many high school photographs of him. He’d wear it open with a dark shirt underneath, erroneously thinking that it wasn’t getting dirty. I had to seek it out, from under the bed, to wash it. Kids are funny, Anyhow, making dolls out of fabrics of importance to me used to be a big pastime. I’m on to other things.

    Like blogging, and reading other blogs. Like yours. So glad your posting and sewing and gifting your family. It will mean everything to them. Lucky girls!

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