Wearable Art

My wearable art is fun, playful, fanciful: capes, tunics, vests, jackets, masks, and more. Some of these were made as custom orders.

"With These Wings" bolero, front

"With These Wings" bolero, back

The garment below was created for a young woman who wanted a brown background, “like the forest floor.” She brought me actual leaves whose shapes pleased her so that I could use those shapes on her garment.

Leafy Bustier

Leafy Bustier

A moleskin tunic with wool-blend lining. Decorated with spirals inspired by Newgrange, in Ireland.

Celtic Tunic

A fabric mask, made of breathable cotton. Warning: this mask has frightened some young children. Powerful imagery!

A mask made from comfortable, breathable cotton. Wearing it will bring forth your inner Green Man!

From time to time, I take part in Celtic Iron Age re-enactment. The photo below was taken at one such event. I made the garment, doing all the sewing by hand.

Hand sewn Tunic and Skirt for Celtic Re-enactment. Photo by Pam Slotsky.

Embroidery detail, linen Celtic tunic.

6 thoughts on “Wearable Art

    • Amy, thank you for visiting. How did you come across my work?
      I visited your website – gorgeous ceramics! I especially like your goblets.
      I hear a winter storm is coming your way – keep warm and safe!

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